Fondant or marzipan teddy bear tutorial

Let’s make a teddy bear without special tools using only a drinking straw, cocktail stick, a piece of spaghetti and a knife. We need coloured fondant or marzipan in your chosen colour. We can make a pink teddy for a girl, a baby blue for a boy or a brown for everyone. I haven’t used edible glue, marzipan sticks perfectly without it and you can use a tiny amount of water to stick the fondant together.

For the body, form a ball shape into a cone and make the stomach round, to make the bear appear a bit fat.

Roll a long sausage and cut into two for the arms.

Roll a thicker sausage and cut into two for the legs.

Form paws at the end of the legs with your fingers.

Make a ball for the head. Flatten two ball shapes, one for the mouth and one for the ears. Put a tiny bit of flattened white fondant in the middle of the ear ball and cut it in half.

We need two small black balls for the eyes and a bigger one for the nose.

Stick the body and the head parts together.

If the fondant doesn’t stick, put a tiny amount of water on it.

Place a piece of spaghetti into the body and put the head on.

Stick tiny white patches on the paws.

Mark the toes and fingers with the cocktail stick.

Using the drinking straw mark the mouth. For this you have to snip a bit off from one end of the straw so that it looks like a “U” shape.  Make two marks with the straw next to each other to get the bearish mouth look.

Make indents on the body with the spaghetti so it looks like stitches.

We can dress up our bear with a little heart and bow to look like a girl.

We can stick a number on the bears lap for a birthday,

or the capital letter of the birthday boys/girls name.

We can make a dress, give a football, a bunch of flowers or a toy block into its hands to make our teddy bear special. If you make one yourself don’t forget to send us your picture. Have fun.

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