Fondant Easter bunny step by step tutorial

Easter bunny tutorial

I made this step by step bunny tutorial to celebrate Easter. It can be made from fondant, marzipan, modelling paste or even Play Dough.

I didn’t use any special cake decorating tools, just cocktail sticks.

What we need

What we need:

  • white fondant
  • pink fondant
  • tiny piece of black fondant for the eyes
  • orange fondant for the carrot
  • tiny piece of green fondant for the carrot’s green
  • cocktail sticks
  • pot of water and a brush

Knead the fondants until they become pliable and soft.

Body parts

From the white fondant form a pear shape for the body. Long sausages for the arms. Flatten the top of the arm and form the hand. Make two short and thicker sausages for the legs. The legs are going to be short with big and wide feet. Shape the feet by flattening the end of the sausages between your fingertips. Put a cocktail stick into the body, this is going to hold the head.

Bunny's head

Roll a ball for the head, flatten it a bit. The mouth is a flat elliptical shape, mark the middle and pierce holes in it to resemble whiskers. Roll two tiny balls for the eyes from the black fondant and a tiny nose from the pink.

For the ears roll two sausages that are narrower at the end, shape the ears with your fingertips. Take two pink sausages and glue them onto the white ear pieces with some water. Put half a cocktail sticks into the ears.

Assembling the head

To assemble the head, put a tiny amount of water onto the head and stick the mouth on. Mark two small holes with a cocktail stick for the eyes and glue the two tiny black balls in. Glue the pink nose on. Stick the two ears on, make the cocktail sticks wet if they don’t want to stick. Bend the ears so they don’t stand straight. You can make teeth at this point if you’re not making a carrot.

Assembling the body

To assemble the body, make a flat pear shape from the pink fondant and stick it on the belly with some water. Roll out small pink balls and flatten them. Water the paws and stick the pinks on as it’s shown on the picture. Stick the legs and arms to the body with some water.

Make a small white ball for the tail and stick it on.


Roll a long sausage from the orange paste for the carrot. Roll the ends into a cone. Mark small lines on it with a cocktail stick. Make the green leaves  from the green fondant. Stick the two together. Pinch a piece off from the end of carrot so it looks like the bunny has munched on it.

Easter bunny

Stick the head on. Stick the carrot to the belly and put the arms around the carrot. Stick the end of the carrot to the mouth. If you want to make a very girly bunny, make a little pink ribbon and stick it on its head.

You can use your bunny to decorate your Easter cake or as a table decoration.

Happy Easter from Little London Bakery!

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